Sold Swamp Ash Strat Body, Hipshot Bridge and Neck Plate


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$$$ sold $$$ Thanks for looking, everyone!

$175 PayPal’d & shipped to CONUS.

This is for the HARD-tail Strat body, Hipshot bridge, Deluxe style neck plate and installed string ferrules. It's a very light resonant body (you'll be building a sub 7 pound guitar). My hardtail needs are fulfilled by my two Teles, and believe it or not, I've never owned a Strat with a trem bar, so this sale will fund that project.

Possible trades: a light, Strat body, routed for a two point Fender trem bridge (I'll be fitting a Gotoh 510 bridge to it).
  • The body is light swamp ash - from Warmoth, stained with Watco Walnut Oil and finished in Tru-Oil.
  • Estimated weight is 4.0 pounds (I’ll weigh it and update this post). Note the built-up guitar as shown weighs 6.9 pounds with locking tuners. I actually weighed it at 6.8 Lbs, but added .1 to be on the safe side (my scale has never been in disagreement with FedEx by more than .1 Lbs).
  • Take note of the contoured, Deluxe style heel and the contoured lower horn. The three “standard” neck holes are in the same location as that of the standard Fender neck drilling.
Once again, this is only for the body, Hipshot bridge, neck plate and string ferrules.

Pickups, pots, switches, pickguard, jack plate, strap buttons, and neck/tuners are not included, but only shown to help you visualize a completed guitar

Thanks for looking! Scroll down for photos. In the coming days, I'll disassemble the guitar to show the shielding, etc.


Built guitar (for example only):


Front view:


Rear view, showing lower horn contour & Deluxe style neck plate:


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