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Swart GAS


I'm thinking about a Sawart Atomic Space Tone mainly for solo (quiet and jazzy) playing.

What about the noise in the Swarts? As I read from the webpage it's a rather vintage circuit. Is the noise level acceptable for not so loud playing?



Silver Supporting Member
great great amp that runs really quiet...I play this amp by myself quite a bit and it is not a problem at all.

If you want it to become more tweedy and break up earlier, definitely try switching the rectifier from the stock GZ34 to a NOS 5Y3. very cool range of tones in this amp...

the cleans are absolutely gorgeous IMHO and work great for solo playing. The tremolo is the best I have ever heard and the reverb is great as well...

the clips by Greg V on swartamps.com are absolutely representative...

it has a great clean tone and I think it would be a great choice for you!

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