Switchfoot - Afterlife (Guitar Cover)

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    *from video description*

    Guitar Cover of Afterlife, which is off Switchfoot’s latest record “Vice Verses”. One of my favourite songs off the album. This was learnt and recorded on the same day some time last week, but i didn’t have the time to mix the audio or edit the video until today.

    I apologise for the 60 cycle hum thats running constantly throughout, its not a noiseless P90 and I was using quite a bit of gain, hence the result.

    Pardon the mistakes here and there. (hopefully you can’t spot them haha).

    Guitar: Gibson Les Paul Junior
    Amplifier: Fractal Audio Axe Fx II
    Effects: Fractal Audio Axe Fx II + MFC 101 Midi Foot Controller
    DAW: Garageband on a MacBook Pro
    Camera: Sony HDR 10E


    * All original Audio tracks for the song are property of Switchfoot and the atlantic/warner group

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