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Switching FX and amp


Hi all,

I would like to switch my FX and the two amp channels and EQ of my Mesa Boogie Mark III with possibly one switching system.

My set-up is:
Guitar > tuner > Morley Bad Horsey Wah > Input
Send > TC Nova delay > TC Nova reverb > Return

For the Mark III I use a Rhythm/Lead, a R1/R2, and an EQ footswitch.
The FX and the switches for the Mesa are on a pedal train board with a pedal snake to the amp.

Is it possible to use one switcher which uses programmable presets to control the FX in front of the amp, the FX in the loop and the three switches of the Mark III?

I have looked at the Voodoolab GCX audio switcher and Ground Control Pro which I guess does everything I need, but I would like something more compact which can be used on the pedalboard.

I would very much appreciate your ideas.




He Douke, lijkt me moeilijk..... Maar kijk eens naar de Martin Combinator 2, of Voodoo Lab Commander en Switcher.

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