SX and Love (Telecaster content)

Mighty Melvin

My big Christmas present to myself this year was a Rondo One-Piece American Ash Telecaster.

Holy Canolli what a nice guitar! You guys who live on Drives and Vistas and Lanes and Ways won't be impressed but for those of us who live on Streets and Roads, it's a beaut. I must have gotten a later production specimen -- the sunburst isn't as garish as the picture, it's actually a nice vintage burst, and the neck isn't the puny 1-5/8" that the page said, it's a manly hunk of meat. Both of those were things that I was afraid that I'd have to change and I'm delighted that I don't have to.

And it's comfy-contoured front and back.

The strings that came on it weren't the best but with a new set it's wonderful. Yeah, I'll lap the frets some day and one of the bridge height screws is a little pointy but whattaya want, for gosh sake?


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Nice. I had an older model in natural with a chopper t in the bridge and it was great!


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