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Sx and Xaviere Guitars


Are there any difference? I have/ had a couple Sx's and there are good for the money. The Sx's have a nice chunky necks with good fret work, I love the look of the Xaviere. Just seeing what the consesus says thanks


Senior Member
I wish i would have bought the P90 model with the dogear bridge and the Schaller neck...these are fantastic guitars!


Gold Supporting Member
I haven't had a GGC1, but the SX Strat copies I've had had pretty chunky necks. As for the Xavieres...I'm not sure which Xaviere you're thinking about, but I wouldn't class their necks as chunky. I've got the XV-500, which is an LP clone, and it's more like a Gibson 60s neck to me. However, I'd put the quality and finish of the Xavieres at least on par with the Agile 2500 series which is closer on a price basis. SX, in general, is a step below Agile. Decent guitars for the money, but I think the Agile and Xavieres are better. YMMV.

If you definitely want a P90 guitar, then Xaviere (Guitarfetish) has multiple models....from Strat and Tele body types, to LPs and beyond.
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