SY-300 and Mel9 overlap?

A quick question for anyone familiar with the Boss SY-300:

I'm interested in the "string" and "orchestra" settings on EHX's upcoming Mel9, but I'm wondering if the SY-300 can produce reasonably convincing orchestral sounds in addition to the analog synth sounds. I've been watching all of the available demo's, but haven't heard anything in that direction. It would be nice to consolidate orchestral and synth settings on one box, rather than having to collect all of the "9" effects. Thanks for your insights!


A friend of mine, who knows synth programming, has been working with the SY300 for a few months now. He hasn't managed to get anything like the Mellotron sounds.

Analog synths and virtual analogs have never been successful at this. That's why Mellotron sounds have been the province of samplers/ROMplers, and why you don't hear Mellotron patches/sounds being produced by classic Roland synths.

If you've run across such things, be sure to post a link to a demo, to provide a starting point for such patches.

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