syncing an H9 with an M5


Working on building a new board. thinking of moving to an M5 with some JHV3 mods and an H9. Seeing that they both have MIDI and I'll be stepping on the M5 the most, I'm wondering if there is a way I can sync the two to where I generate a tempo via the M5. It would also be extremely beneficial for me to be able to scroll through presets on the M5 and have that trigger preset changes at the same time in the H9, scrolling the both of them simultaneously via the M5 buttons. Does anyone know if this is possible without having an external controller?


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YES, M5 is hard set on it's MIDI options. just connect it to the MIDI-out and it transmits MIDI Clock out and Program Changes. you'll have to map it in the H9 to sync it with your desire presets which is simple to do in the H9 Editor.

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