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Discussion in 'Recording/Live Sound' started by Steve Dallas, Jan 29, 2008.

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    So, this may not be something that can be answered here, but I'll give it a go... The question has to do with distance and MIDI signals.

    I like to run my V Drums via MIDI with Sonar 6 Producer. You know, record a performance, edit the MIDI file to fix my mistakes, test drive different kits to see how they sound with the track, etc. Then eventually record the actual audio and add it to the mix.

    I was doing it with an M-Audio 2496 PCI card and getting good results. I was syncing it to my interface's word clock using SPDIF. That card recently died, so I just decided to use the MIDI ports on my interface (Presonus FireStudio).

    Now I have problems with the sync of the drums. I sometimes get really strange sounds out of nowhere. I also get race conditions sometimes where the drum track will play really fast (like listening to tape with the fast forward held down).

    A couple of things changed when I switched interfaces. One is that I am no longer using the SPDIF port on the FS. Another is that I am now using the MIDI send and return on the FS. Finally, instead of running 6' to the computer, the MIDI cables are now running something like 28' to the studio rack.

    Do you guys think the increase in distance could be the cause of my problems? Should I look into rearranging my studio space or getting some kind of signal amplifier or something?

    Or is there a different cause for my frustration?

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