Sold Synergy Syn-30 head - trade for Kemper?


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Synergy 30 watt modular head for sale.

The amp is listed locally and on various other audio forums so I reserve the right to end this sale at any time.

This is a 3 channel amp with a great built in clean channel and a slot to accept any Synergy module for 2 additional channels. Will also work with Egnater and Randall legacy modules.

No modules are included at this price but I do have SLO and Deliverance modules I would be willing to sell as well. If interested please feel free to inquire. Modules will not be for sale separately unless the amp sells.

30 watt tube head
Preamp tubes are 12AX7
Power section is 2x 5881/6L6 tubes

Has effects loop, cab impedance selector and a direct out (XLR) with cab simulation/bypass.

Can be used normally or in silent mode (no cab connection needed).

Includes original box, power cable, 3 button MIDI footswitch and MIDI cable. The channel switching is MIDI, so any MIDI controller can also be programmed for channel switching if desired.

$1100 shipped/PayPal in CONUS.

Would work up a trade deal for the head and one module for an unpowered Kemper rack if anyone is interested. Might also consider other trades.

A201D9C7-5519-4513-AEE0-508D3DBFED00.jpeg ED5FE7B1-630B-4192-B010-59614ADF193A.jpeg 731B8DC3-75B2-4A62-9F92-C0D3E014686B.jpeg 5778FD98-325E-41AD-8B72-D3DA57B04A98.jpeg


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