T Rex Acoustic Soulmate, My Review

Joe Manganese

I play acoustic and classic guitars both solo and in bands. For solo fingerstyle I have a giant board made of strymon stuff, mixer, synths etc. very expensive and very heavy.
For band usage, almost 2 months ago I purchased a Trex Soulmate Acoustic and here are my thoughts.

Preamp with Gain and then a separate Output level is very good. Excellent with both Fishman and LR Baggs Anthem. XLR output (stereo) is a plus too.
Phase selection, quite common everywhere nowadays. Z input selection, eventually useful for somebody. Vote: 10/10

Missing labels on top of the unit, to show what's in the back. So you never know if you are tweaking the boost or the Gain. If you are pressing on Zinput or on Phase. Etc. BAD. VERY BAD.

EXPression input to control volume. VERY GOOD.
EXPression input to control shimmer: useless. See later.

TUNER: absolutely FAST and accurate. Much faster than a Polytune 3. Times faster than a Boss TU3. Excellent. 10/10

REVERB: very basic reverb without TONE control and without TYPE control. Extremely basic. Too much basic. A TC Hall of Fame is zillions of years ahead. There is a shimmer. A shimmer without controls (anybody with a Strymon, a Neunaber, etc. know what I mean) is pretty useless normally. A shimmer is pretty useless per-se even with controls, anyway. So this shimmer is plain useless for any practical use too, and the dedicated EXPression input is a sad view. At TREX they must really believe in their shimmer. Ah well. Reverb: 5/10 5 because this Soulmate is damn expensive and because in place of the shimmer a TONE control and maybe a TYPE like on the non-acoustic soulmate would have been much more useful and appreciated.

DELAY: very basic but practical delay. Sounds nice, nothing fancy. The typical delay you can get out of a Mooer or Joyo 30$ pedal. Decent. Vote: 6/10

MOD: aka chorus. Missing MIX control. DEPTH AND RATE controls very minimalistic. Rate at minimum turns chorus to DETUNE. A word about DETUNE.
Since 20 years, the best detune of the word is made by Roland Boss, in their pedals. Harmonizer HR2, Pitch Shifter PS6, the detune is just the most wide and transparent at will. Not even Strymon with Mobius get close to those detuners. Like comparing orange to apples.
If you never tried Boss detuners (set to +-5 cents, FIVE not 10, not 15. FIVE) then you really miss something.
So this TREX detuner is no different from Strymon, Neunaber, etc. and for me is not a detuner.
The chorus itself is nothing special. Get a simple Hardwire CR7, and you are zillions of years ahead again.
I mean, an acoustic guitar lives out of chorus and reverbs, if ever needed. But here we are at BASIC chorus and reverbs.
Chorus vote: 7/10 (should be 6, but 1 point for detuner, honest).

COMPRESSOR: easy to use, effective, practically without any possible tweaking. Not a limiter. Quite transparent. GOOD. 8/10

EQ: three bands parametric EQ is good. Must be good because you cannot disable it.
Personally, I prefer a 10 band graphic EQ .
Vote: 8/10

This is an acoustic board, and there is no NOTCH control. So you expect this switch to act as a super clever feedback killer. But it's not. It's probably the most stupid idea ever though for an acoustic player.
It simply does not work. It never worked for me.
You play, there is feedback, what do you do? You literally jump on the pedal to activate the magic switch, and while you do it you somehow stop playing. But the problem is that the HUM does not go away, and you desperately keep toggling the switch on off on off, com'on stop it!!, and it doesn't. So the only neuron still left alive suggest you to use the EQ controls on the guitar and immediately reduce the bass frequencies.

A BBE acoustimax has a nice Notch control system.
TREX ANTI FEEDBACK: vote 0/10 . Cant give 1, it never worked for me.

LOOPER: the looper cant be used live because the foot switches are right above TAP and BOOST.
Looper is basic, and if you want a looper there are much better options around. So I dont know what is this LOOPER here for.
No vote.

TAP foot switch : this is CLEVER. TAP TEMPO for delay is just mandatory. 10/10

Conclusions: very small size, light, pretty good for some duties, incredibly missing some mandatory items such like NOTCH control. Only sufficient basic chorus and reverb.
Preamp and sound controls, top . That's what normally matters.

- Send return for external effects
- Reverb types
- Reverb tone control
- NOTCH control
- EQ switch to disable -enable those knobs.

The manual is hilarious. 10/10.

Buy? Overall, yes. I keep it.

And let me say, I tested the Boss acoustic pedalboard , this one from TREX is much much better.
In use with: Godin ACS nylon, Guild acoustic with Fishman preamp, Taylor acoustic with LR Baggs anthem.

Bottom line: a 2000$ board made of strymon and good other stuff is always dozens of times better than these toys.

MISSING Send-Return for external effects.

Joe Manganese

After some months, i have dropped the trex and adopted Boss AD10. I will soon make my review of it, being using since 3 months now. I had a bad experience with the soulmate live, no more.

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