T1M Mod Ernie Ball VP JR / Keeley Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay

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This is an Ernie Ball VP Jr. I bought new a few months ago. It's in mint condition. It was modified by T1M to get rid of the tone suck that these have. You can use the tuner out without compromising your tone, too. Basically, it has a buffer installed in the pedal. It works as advertised. Yes, it makes a big difference. It also has a blue LED inside which gives the pedal a blue glow if you're into that kind of pedalboard bling.

I paid $110 + $10 shipping a few months ago.

$75 shipped. I'll cover the Paypal fees.

This AD9 was modified by Robert Keeley. They tweak the circuit to improve the sound. They call it a fidelity mod. They also make the pedal true bypass with a switch on top. The stock footswitch now works as an infinite feedback. Step on the pedal and hold it and it goes into infinite oscillation until you step off the pedal. It's a really cool effect! It's a great delay pedal. It has a nice dark, warm tone. It has a few scratches on the side. It functions 100% as it should.

EDIT: This is a newer reissue. The rubber and label on the bottom were removed and velcro was applied before I got it.

$115 shipped. I'll cover the Paypal fees.

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