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    Nov 28, 2014
    Hello friends.

    Some of you might remember the demo of the Tabify app we posted a while ago.
    Following reddit’s community support, we developed a first version of the app.
    We are glad to announce today, the release of version 2 of the Tabify app!
    We received lots of feedback, and tried to listen to what the community wants the most.

    The main new feature is the Playback Mode. This will allow you to write your tabs and save the actual recording you made.
    Besides that, you can now share your tab along with the recording, add hammer ons, pull offs and bends in the editor, and store up to 4 songs in the free version.

    We want to emphasize that Tabify is a self-funded project developed by enthusiastic guitar players and engineers in their free time.
    We rely on your support and feedback to continue development, add new features and improve the algorithms.

    You are welcome to try it out.
    Drop us a line or buy the app if you like it :)

    Guy & Michael

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