Tacoma DR16c love thread


I primarily play electric guitar live but write most of my material on acoustic.I have been using a yamaha acoustic for years and recorded with it also, and I have been quite happy with it.For years now I've been trying different acoustics so I've tried just about any popular name and grades.....A month ago I was at a local used gear store and tried a Tacoma DR16c and was absolutly floored.I couldnt stop playing it so I bought it for $600.00,tried some strings and ended up liking DR sunbeams on this one.....This guitar kills all the guitars I've been trying through the years even the high end Martins,Gibsons and Taylors..The tone is very inspiring,so much so that it's taking my music to another level.Might sound weird but thats how much this insrument has moved me:cry:.

BTW, I should note that I'm a fingerstyle player.


Hey Vic,

I have had one for a few years, purchased in West Palm Beach GC for a pittance ($399) since the finish was beginning to bubble on the sides. The back and sides are almost completely devoid of finish now (it just keeps coming off like a snake shedding skin) and so far, the more that comes off the better it sounds! It is easily as enjoyable as my much more expensive Martin D-41, but each has its own sound and feel. They're both easy to play (I'm a finger picker too). It depends on my mood! One thing about MY Tacoma, as you can tell, is I can bring it anywhere I go without worrying about scratching it !! :rotflmao

Did yours come with electronics? Mine has a jack and a piezo somewhere inside, but no controls. I don't plug it in but I might just for recording an alternate take.



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those older tacomas are winners, except for the finish!

if you got one new, fender (the current owners) will honor the lifetime warranty, returning a guitar in a few months that looks brand-freakin' new. (i've seen several, they come back perfect.)

if you got it used and the finish is peeling, it's way worth it to get it properly refinished (say, in nice thin nitro) by a pro.

said pro should have little trouble getting the old stuff off ( a heat gun would likely do it), but you want to get it done before the raw wood gets exposed to too much dirt and moisture, softening and deadening it.

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