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taking off a finish?

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KleenStrip makes a spray on stripper, and a brush on stripper. Easily found at Home Depot. Get gloves to protect your hands, some 3" wide scrapers, and some 1" wide scrapers (plastic works if you're fast before it starts to melt).


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Paint stripper and steel wool. Steel wool works better at cleaning up coarser grained wood. Scrapers can gouge and don't do so well with contours. And definitely use rubber gloves.

Or, a soda blaster. Maybe a bead blaster. But probably not a sand blaster.

Lighter fluid and a match.

What kind of finish is it and how do you want to refinish it?


its just a standard finish, with a primer base, i have most of it off already, just have a few problem zones.

I would like to oil it im thinking or some type of polyurethane lacquer i donno.


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for poly type finish, wagner heat gun & metal paint scraper. recommend wearing a mask and protective goggles.

don't scorch the paint, you're basically heating up paint enough to softly scrape it. goe easy and you won't gouge the body.
once you get the hang of it, paint comes off pretty easily.

this is what the guys at ibanez used to do...

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