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talk me out of getting a DL4


I already have a a DD2 for delay and really dig it. I was just attracted to the DL4 for the looper, 1/2 speed mode to get an octave down on drones and the reverse loop is kind of cool too. Is there another looper in that price range which may not have the quality concerns that come with the DL4? Does the RC 20xl have a half speed feature? I was looking at the Eventide Tone Factor but am kind of skint right now


buy mine- I never use it. Seriously, PM me before getting a new one. Its a nice pedal though and sounds fine live. The presets are the coolest feature. And the looper is nice although I wish it was longer.


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you cant use delay and loop simultaneously on the dl-4. that just did it for me. you'd need a second delay pedal on board.
You can use delay and looper.

But the reason not to get one is that so many people have them now that you can instantly hear them on records. That long delay sound where the notes turn to mush (good mush, but mush all the same.) It's everywhere and it's getting dull.

Why go there when you can have a Nova or Time Factor or even a DD20?


I had one and I just could not learn to love it.... save your money and get the timefactor...

I did and it is damn amazing... i think it was delivered from the future.


you can set the DL4 for 28 seconds of loop time. you can have delay and looping at once. It makes a cool chorus, auto-wah and OD pedal too. Unlike the DD-20 (which I like too), you can have exp pedal control over the loop volume, which is good for getting in and out of loops without an abrupt stop.

This is a great pedal. I think the #1 reason to not get one, is that many people have had problems with theirs. I have one of the 1st generation ones, and about every 2 years, I have to replace the switches. This isn't hard, but many people have had a lot worse problems. Line6 customer service isn't very good, but I doubt Boss is much better.


any other delays have independently switchable presets?

this is why im drawn to the dl4 as well..


great feature set...lousy realiability and even worse bypass tone...it places a very noticable harsh metallic sheen over your guitar tone...

used it for one gig and ditched it...



Unity gain - non existent, need it in a looper with a boost for some sounds
Kills tone
looks ugly
Every saturday music shop teenager has one and they all sound the same.
Switches are unreliable
It's a line 6 and in a few years you may be embarrased about owning it.

It's a cheap piece of crap
only 4 presets.

needs seperate power supply
Non editable in the true sense.

We all thought those zoom strap mount multi effects things of the 80s would be the next big thing back then.....



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I got a DL4 way back when they first came out. The switches on it were definitely prone to failure. I replaced two of them myself and when the third one broke, I gave up. I've had the DD20, the Nova and currently own a TimeFactor. There are much better options out there now than the DL4. Granted, when it came out it was the bee's knee's for a feature rich delay stomp box with a looper, but now it's showing it's age. Get a used RC20XL...or better yet save up and get a TimeFactor.


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i have been gigging mine for 4 years with atleast 4 performances per week, normally more.

i wouldnt say i abused it. but it has been well used and has never given me a single problem. i know people in both camps though, get it at guitar center and get the 2 year warrentee. cant go wrong. the rc20's looping is better though.

and boss pedals survive being run over by a car, we tried it on the last tour... :)


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Mine broke and I never really loved the tone. I never gigged it and it sat in my bedroom. Line6 power supply and all...hmm, I will never buy a line6 product again.
I had a Nova delay and I think the presets are very easy to use. Sounds better, costs less, too. (no looping)
There are better things aout there.
It seems they hold their re-sale, so ther is no "deals" to be had.


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The minute you turn the effect on your signal is no longer analog. It's going through the A/D convertor. Older DDL's have internal mix amps that keep your analog signal seperate. On many new digital boxes the mixer is created in the software. It's cheaper and allows them to offer a more feature laden product at a lower price. I would say if you don't mind that aspect and like the tone it's an ok delay although sometimes there seems to be a slight volume drop with some of the settings. I do a couple of gigs where I use the gear that is supplied and the DL4 is on these gigs. It's ok but there are many factors to consider. In certain loops it can be problematic.

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