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Zounds Perspex

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I've never had much interest before, but I'm getting a bit interested in a PRS DGT.
My main question is how consistent is PRS quality?
If I play one that I like, can I feel confident that if I order one with a different finish I will likely dig it too?

Chime in! Tell me to buy one, accuse me of wanting to audition for Blues Hammer, I can take either extreme.


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They sound and play great !!
I have 3.
Custom 24 - Super Strat like.
McCarty - Gibson and Fender had a Baby.
SC245 - LP Killer.


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Every one I have seen or played in the last 20 some-odd years has been excellent, including the one I own. However, make sure it is actually what you are interested in. PRS's are very much their own animals, where some folks might think they are either a better Gibson or Fender, or a good mix of the two. They are NOT.

Personally I don't like them (discovered this after buying one), but there are many fans out there, and justifiably so as they are tremendous instruments, with very consistent quality.

That being said, there are significant differences between individual guitars; not that one is better than the other, but they sound and feel different due to the standard variations in wood. It's still best to play the one you may buy in order to see if you can bond with it.

Another caveat; some of the older PRS pickups are not very good. The bridge pickup in my 1990 Custom is very weak, I replaced it with a DiMarzio Fred and it was a vast improvement. I've heard the newer PRS pickups are much better.


bought my first PRS in 35 years of playing last month, a used CE22. I'm blown away by the versatile nature of the thing. I can get most tones w/ just my single channeled amp using the 5 way and volume in conjunction. Its something I never hear mentioned as a PRS attribute but it sold me after 10 min of playing. I left all the pedals save the OD on the last few gigs I've done w/ the CE22, sweet tone in every setting


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Make sure to try the different neck carves so that you can get the one that suits you best.

Chicago Slim

PRS quality and playability are excellent. The thing that really sold me, were the necks. I have large hands, and I actually play better on a PRS neck. However, I didn't bond with the sound of their maple topped guitars, or most of their pickups. It took me while to find plain mahogany or ash PRSi, and find pickups that sounded good, for what I do.


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Especially for a large manufacturer, I think their quality is very consistent. I have/had many PRS and in my experience I have had to go through several to find the ones that "spoke to me", and as a result I have wound up with some really special ones. I wouldn't buy any high-end guitar without playing it first unless there was a real good return policy. Good luck with your search.

Felix Leclerc

Regardless of brand, it is preferable to play one before buying.

If I understand your question correctly, I doubt you'll receive a guitar with «defects or issues». If by consistent, you mean a better chance that a guitar selected at random will speak to you → not so much.


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IMHO, PRS guitars are very consistent in quality and tone. The newer pickups are really worth listening to, love my 57/08's.

Seafoam Green

I had never really played a PRS before but read a lot of great reviews of the DGT. Bought one sight unseen on eBay. It's fantastic.

Having said that, I'd still try before you buy if it's possible. Necks, pickups and other specs vary quite a lot between the different models.


PRS guitars are some of the best around as far as build quality. My McCarty Standard is on the 'lower end' of their line in terms of value - but the build quality is really high. That has been true of every PRS I've played.

Tonally they do their own thing, and I had to swap pickups to get it where I wanted it to be.

I also think they have excellent feel with the 25" scale length, 10" radius, true medium jumbo frets, and my favorite neck carve in the business in the wide fat. Then top it off with that body carve which makes me drool. Amazing in my book all around.


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Very consistent. Quite frankly, I find different PRS to sound more similar when compared to different models of other brands. Don't know if it is the finish or the heavy maple to mahogany ratio (aint much mahogany on a typical PRS so it makes that maple 'plink' more prominant), but they sound more similar than my other guitars when you run though a few of the same model. So I would say they are very consistent both in feel and in sound.


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I have gone from not liking any of them to loving just about all of them. My favorite axe is my Standard 22 that I got from a member here. It's all beat up, been around the block and whatnot but man every time I plug it in I get this huge grin on my face. :D They have a consistency of quality that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else and they really take modifications and "personalizations" nicely.

Like me at first, some folks may not appreciate or "get" PRS but once you do you are hooked. They have become the standard for me.

Rex Anderson

When I was shopping for guitars, I tried as many different brands as possible of course including Gibson, Fender, PRS, Grosh, Collings etc.

I tried a number of PRS models. They were not for me. Be sure to play as many as you can before you buy on looks alone.

Feel of the guitar in your hands sitting and standing, neck profile, sound quality unplugged and through your amp etc.

Lots of factors to weigh.


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Build quality and incredible consistency is a benchmark of PRS entire business model. Whether a particular player bonds with an instrument is a personal preference, but they are built very, very well. I've owned many over the years and my all time fave was the least expensive one I ever owned, a Gretsch Orange CE22 Bolt on that was just a magnificient instrument.

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