Taming The Fender Tone Master


I have a Tone Master (sticker serial numbers), and she is a bit rough in the "B" channel.

After a lot of research and pouring over the schematic, I found a few things that left me wondering.

One thing that looks a bit geared towards speed of manufacture, is placing the grid stopper resistors for the power tubes on the board.

I moved them right up to the tube socket pins, took all the slack out of the leads, and went with a bit more direct route lead dress.

This also removes the grid stopper leads from the bundle of wires that contains a mish mash of signal and a bit of power IIRC.

The result of this simple swap is less icepicking, and a slightly smoother high freq clipping.

Next thing I think, will be variable NFB with a switched 100kpot and a 68k resistor.