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Tao Guitars in New York for Ten Days! Contact info...

Serge from Tao Guitars will be in New York City tomorrow for ten full days. If you want to go try out their amazing guitars (that I make pickups for) please email them : tao guitars <info@taoguitars.com> These guys are from Belgium and the only luthiers I make pickups for, because their work is miles above anyone I've ever encountered.
Check out their website to see the amazing "El Mirage" guitar they custom made for Billy Gibbons, maybe they even have one with them for you to try out. There is a real short video of this guitar below. These guitars feature the VL61HD bridge pickups that are so popular right now. I'll see if I can attach some pix of their work (looks like I cant). The Phaeton is one of the most astonishingly beautiful archtop guitars I've ever seen, inspired, as many of their guitars are, by vintage classic automotive designs of the past. Please visit their website to view the extremely beautiful and highly imaginative classic design work of these 2 guys, you seldom see this level work anywhere.

This is a one-time event, a chance to meet the builders and try the guitars in person, I can't recommend them enough. Like me, they are insanely dedicated to their craft, and are insanely good at what they do. Email or PM me if you can't connect.....I can also email you a pdf catalog file for the El Mirage and other photos and videos they've sent me that are not on YouTube....

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Incredible work. I've been approached by luthiers in the past but never really inspired by what I saw. When I saw the Pheaton archtop I knew these guys were true designers, not making the same old tired looking models everyone else does. There was a great demo of their T-Bucket, done by Destroy All Guitars, if you email me from my website I can send you the video, as it is no longer on YouTube.

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