Taste Change, Digging my PRS CE over my LP


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I always loved the LP sound (still do) and thought of it as the benchmark tone but I'm finding I'll always reach for my 96' PRS CE 22 first these days (Dragon Is). My old Tele is even getting a lot more more love. I'm also finding I prefer my LP Standards BB Pro over my Studios 490/498 pickups, they are just a little lighter and brighter sounding. I'm sure there are a lot of good stories of where folks started and where they are now.


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I've had my Strat since '98, and didn't bond with a HB guitar till 2011 with an SE Santana. Fast forward to now, and I just don't really dig single coil tones, except for a neck pickup on a clean channel occasionally. And I always had a Fender clean amp (or equivalent) with pedal drive, until I moved to Mesa Boogie just this year. Yup, tastes change.


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Happens. I always have liked Fender but would have never thought I would ever have given up my Ibanez J Customs until I discovered how much more I love the Fender CS guitars.

Nice Nice hear that you have found something new for inspiration!


I have the same guitar, funny that as much as I like the PRS, I play my Epi Sheraton more, but you're reminding me that I need to pull that one out again, it is really sweet playing and sounding. Those dragon PUs just have a great balance.


Ironically, the other day I was just cruising the web, checking out Pauls offerings for 2017. I've got a soft spot for a ce24.
I was thinking a change of guitars might bring about a change in my playing. I decided to wood shed, so I broke out my r8, plugged into the clean channel instead of the lead channel on my Boogie mrk 1, spent an hr. or two really dialing in that amp and really trying to listen to what was going on. And guess what? I turned off the amp and decided the ce24 is cool but my r8 is awesome.
Although, the magic 8 Ball said, "someday, someday"... the Santana.

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