Taylor Pickups (info for you)

Taylor Guitar company recently started making pickups for their
electric guitars, the T3 and Solidbody Series.
Style 1 is a minibucker I know nothing about. Style 3 is a single coil.

Style 2 is a traditional humbucker with coil-splitting options.
They make HG (High Gain) and HD (High Definition) varients
for both the bridge and the neck in Style 2.

They are a standard 4 wire/ground configuration for wiring purposes.
The wires are colored in exactly the same manner as Seymour Duncan, that is:
Black: North Coil Start
Green: South Coil Start
White: North Coil End
Red: South Coil Finish
Thick Black: Drain/ground/braided/shield

The Style 2 HG (High Gain) Bridge runs at
10,350 ohms when run as a standard humbucker.
The HG bridge has larger poles and omits the standard
adjustable screws in the single coil.

The Style 2 HD (High Def) Neck runs at 6,350 ohms when run as a standard humbucker.
The HD Neck does have the adjustable poles on the single coil.

The leads are long enough on these pickups to comfortably wire a
standard sized Les Paul. the neck is quite a bit shorter once it reaches
the pot-pocket on the back of the Paul, but it is workable without
extensions assuming you have cut the Molex connector off properly.
You may find the need to split the outer rubber insulation back in
order to solder correctly.
Also, the pups fit just fine in the standard mounting

UPDATE:I soldered the pups in as the Seymour Duncan guide said to and the pups work fine.
I'll get a chance this afternoon to see what the tonal quality is like.


It's late and I am only doing basic wiring. They're going to be wired
like this for now, but when the push-pulls come I'll have them
wired for coil-splitting fun. I hope to have tonal reviews
and thoughts soon.
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I'm curious to hear more about the results and the split sounds.

thanks in advance,


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Yeah, I've got both the High Gain and High Def humbuckers sitting on my desk right now. And today was the day to try to mod my Les Paul Standard for more clarity. I thought for sure that I could just upgrade pots and caps with satifactory results. It never crossed my mind to drop those Taylor pups in there.


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Taylor sells these pickups separately? How do they sound?

They sell them through TaylorWare. Yeah, they sound really good. I just swapped my Hi-Def's out for Hi-Gains and I actually prefer the HDs. Obviously they're a little more articulate. High output, though. And the Hi-Gains are still nice and clear, but when a/b'ing them, I like the HDs a little more.

They're now doing fully loaded pickguards, too, with Molex connectors (quick solderless clips) so you can swap out p/g's in a matter of minutes.

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