Taylor Solidbodies

Anybody got any experience with these? Sorta Les Paul-ish, beautifully made? I got a T-5 afew years ago, and I couldn't WAIT to get rid of it.


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They are indeed beautifully made, and the walnut/koa/maple/cherry-topped ones are beautiful to look at as well. I like Taylor's full-size humbuckers (I've tried the lower-output ones), but find their mini-hums bland. Taylor sells loaded pickguards, so it's easy to swap out the pickups and even change the configuration altogether. I'm not a fan of the necks, though - wide profiles that are very difficult for my small hands.


Beautifully made guitars, light too with the chambering.

I had one with a nice maple top and a couple of full sized humbuckers.
I'm not sure which they were though, I bought it used.

I just couldn't bond with it and moved it along.


I had a solid body with their high gain And high definition humbuckers. Liked the high definition much better. I loved the fact that you could swap pickups very quickly.

The quality was great, the guitar was very resonant, the body shape very comfortable and the low weight amazing. However, I ended up selling it because the neck felt more like the neck on my Taylor acoustic.

Sometimes regret selling it but the truth is that I barely played it compared to my other guitars.

The workmanship though is top notch.
I really like them, and I personally enjoy the fact that it has a comfortable neck like my other Taylor acoustics. I dig both the humbuckers(low output) and the minis. Overall, they're versatile, exceptionally playable instruments with top notch workmanship. I'd love to pick one up eventually. They don't really remind me of any other guitar, and tonally have their own voice. So as long as I'm not looking for the "335" sound or "Tele" sound, it would be a great addition to my arsenal.


I had one for a while and liked the feel and sound (full-sized HD humbuckers). The electrical connections inside were very inconsistent and would suddenly fail, necessitating opening it up, unplugging and replugging the internal connectors. I'll never own another guitar without permanent connections after this. The guy who bought it from me ended up rewiring it that way.

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