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TC Electronic Sentry


For years I played with rack mounted effects processors. Mainly the TC G-Major I &II and the G Force. I usually run the noise gate on those units- as I HATE amp hiss. Since I moved to a pedal based setup, I have been using the ISP Decimator. I have it set just enough to stop the amp from hissing when I'm on the distortion channel and not playing. The issue that I'm having with the ISP is that it alters the tone of my Quickrod. IT scoops some mids and adds some high end presence. Something I definitely do not need on the Quickrod. Has anyone tried the TC Sentry? I'm curious if it has a similar tonal impact to what their rack gear has. The TC rack effects tend to roll off a slight bit of high end- which I'm ok with on my Quickrod, as it does not lack in high end...lol! Just wanted to see if anyone had played with one, and what your thoughts were on the unit. Thanks in advance!

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