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Howdy all. Tis my first post here but I've been getting info from the site for a while :)

Currently using the G-Force, and loving the effects, however I'm wondering if it's possible to run the G-Force both in front of an amp and in the FX Loop, and assign where you want effects to be?

For example I'd prefer to run effects like compression, filter and drive in front of the amp, and the rest in the FX Loop.

The Ratchet

Easy way - buy a second G-force.

Harder way - have a custom switcher/looper built whereby in Scenerio A. you guitar signal routes through the box straight to you guitar amp input, while the effects loop routes through the G-Force, and then in Scenerio B. the guitar is routed to the G-Force (instead of the amp's send) and the G-Force's output is routed back to the amp head input.

I would say the cost to build the latter, is going to be close to the former.

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