TC Electronics Nova System or Line 6 Pod HD 500 over TH2 Overloud?


Hey there. How's it going?

I've been using TH2 Overloud via an audio interface. Used it live too, but it kinda sucks having to take a laptop and audio interface on stage and set them up. So I'd like to get a guitar processor and need help deciding. This same question has been posted before but I haven't really found specific answers I'm looking for. (I listen to progressive or alternative rock/metal. Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Sigur Ros. Love textured music employing layered delays and modulation to get synth-like guitar sounds and massive distortion.)

So here are some queries I have:

1. I've read that TC's Nova system has better effects than the Pod HD 500. But are the TC's effects miles better? From a recording viewpoint, would someone be able to tell the difference in quality while listening to a mixed track? Is it that good?

2. I like the TH2 Overloud's amp simulation(Didn't like Guitar Rig or Amplitube). How does Pod HD's amp simulation compare to TH2's?

3. Personally, which rig would you prefer among the following?

Nova System coupled with a Boss MT(or similar metal analogue pedal for my high gain needs.)
Just Pod HD 500.

4. How are the stereo capabilities in both units? Can I add a delay of a few milliseconds Left vs. Right in the above units? What about stereo effects(stereo delay, flanger etc.)?

5. Are there other similar units with great effects in this price bracket? (If you think so, please answer questions 1 to 4 by replacing Pod HD 500 with that effect unit).

I can't really test gear where I live and will be ordering online. So your responses are crucial ha ha.
I appreciate your help. Thanks a lot folks.



You might get better luck in the Digital Modeling section.

Tonal comparisons are a bit subjective and I haven't owned the TC or Overloud, so I can't really speak on that - but I did use an HD500 for a few years as a standalone rig. Your comment about layering lots of effects is ideal for the HD500. It makes those sounds ridiculously easy. You have complete control over the signal chain and if you want you can run 8 reverbs (as long as DSP allows). Stereo is totally possible. It is also really nice to have everything in one box at your feet.

As far as negatives, certain effects weren't my favorite in the HD500. The dirt boxes in particular never suited me. I usually ended up switching presets to a different amp if I wanted a gain sound. So if you plan on making heavy use of their gain boxes maybe look elsewhere. I also didn't love all of the modulation. The univibe never wowed me. The tremolo was a little disappointing. But keep in mind I don't really play the kind of music you cited, I'm more of a blues/rock guy and I rarely actually use modulation. You shouldn't take these comments as a consensus, just my experience. As far as delay and reverb goes though I thought the HD500 was fantastic. Especially for ambient stuff stacking multiple delays/reverbs I thought it was a great choice. Definitely the easiest ambient rig I see on the market.

From a functionality standpoint I see tons of upside in the HD500. Guitar in, XLR out and you have an extremely versatile rig that sounds great. Not top notch, nobody picks this over an Axe FX. But still really good. Especially if you are tired of the laptop - interface thing the HD500 would be a breeze.


Thanks for the reply kleydj.

Good to know about the stereo capabilities. And indeed, the HD certainly is very versatile.

Though it would be great if I could hear from people who've had an opportunity to compare the units or software I mentioned here.

Good day.
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