TC Nova Delay or DD20


Hey-- I'm playing in my worship band at church and am finding that the DD-20 is severely lacking in the volume and clarity dept.... I like it, but I'd really like to be using dual delays and have more space on my board...

Should I switch to the Nova? The only thing I'm worried about is the presets... should that be something I'm concerned about?
I'd say to try out the Nova and see what you think. I thought I'd like it a lot and tried it out and didn't care for it's sounds over the DD20 (it did take some time to get used to the way the DD20 over my DD5 too though), although it has some cool features.

I was worried about the presets, but took it to my friend Jack ( and he fixed it like the DD20 with the right switch as a preset scroll instead of a tap switch. He also wired an external tap jack. This made the Nova setup just like the DD20, but with the Nova sounds. Check out a video here. Much better for me...

Like I said, try it out. Wasn't quite for me, but definitely cool.


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Just throwing this out there, but the M9 is worth waiting for...more versatility and great delay sounds.

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