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TC Nova System question


I've wanted a G-major for a while but too pricey for me to get it to experiment with it. However, there is a local guy selling a good clean Nova System and I've seen some goods and bads commented about it.

All presets aside, can I easily program a couple different banks with a couple different types/setting of reverbs and delays and some chorus or flanger for fun? That's really about all I need it for. Don't need any drives, EQ, compressor (might play with it some from time to time), and the pitch shifter might be fun to goof around with but likely never use. Just want to throw some time based effects in the loops of my Stiletto, SD45 or my new Tubemeister 18 lunchbox amp to get rid of the boring dry signal I've got going on.

I figure $200 for this guys used one with box and manual is a better price than $100+ for a good delay, $100+ for a good reverb pedal, or any other good effects.


Silver Supporting Member
I was in a similar situation a few months back. It's a fun little unit for $200. I ultimately ended up selling it but had no problem getting my money back at that price. It's worth a shot to see if it works for you.


Senior Member
Yes, it's easy to work around.
Some effects have too much parameters but they sound good.
I've been using mine for ore than 5 years now!


Silver Supporting Member
I'm in the same boat, delay, chorus, power supply maybe a comp and I'm way over $200. I've had the Nova before and will probably end up with one again.


For what you describe its perfect. It does sound very good. I use it after a cae 3+se preamp and before the power amp. Reverb, delay, chorus and detune, and it sends midi to the axess cfx4 for channel changing. Very compact and functional.

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