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This is, I believe, a new player in the market. I had posted a few days asking for advice on comps $100 and under for my backup/practice board. Then I ran into Brett Kingman's demo on this - so much for $100. These run $150.

So I ordered one and got it today on the strength of that demo. I just plugged it into my rig a while ago (taking an ear break). Dang! I'm very pleased and impressed. The wide range of controls lets you dial to taste quickly. It's very quiet. Tone retains punch somehow even at higher settings.

It even looks cool. The color on-screen is not true. It's sort of copper-orange depending on the light. And it's smaller than it looks, almost exactly the size of my FullDrive 3 (though rotated 90 degrees).

So just sayin'...I think this is a pedal worth checking out for guys like me who want a leave-on comp that adds a very musical quality to your tone. Plus the Boost side sounds fantastic and has many uses.


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Thanks for this! I've had my eye on this for awhile and it's great to finally read a review.


Well I must say Kingman's demo did sound good. And at $149 what's not to like. Simple, functional, well labeled functions and from what I heard great tones. I could see this as good choice for the I'm really a guitar, cable, amp crowd but would like a comp for that extra at times.

And the boost side sounded super tranparent, when he stacked comp and boost into that guitar/amp I got a woody. Almost had a Trainwreck'ish vibe to it.

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Went shopping for a compressor a few days ago and tried the Boost Comp, an Xotic and an SD Vise Grip, after about an hour I walked out with the Boost Comp, it's a drastic comp that has a great musical tone, I think it sounds great with single coils although at extreme settings you can hear that "ramp up" effect I'm not particularly a fan of but my initial impressions are positive, who plays with a compressor fully cranked ? not me, the boost is a great thing to have too, can't wait to try it live ...
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