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Tech 21 OMG alternative... MI audio Crunch Box


Really like the demos of this pedal, i don't know much about high gain pedals, but i need one for a song or two and i really like where the mid hump is located frequency wise with the girth knob.

But it's out of my price range, i'm wondering if there are other comparable pedals for less money out there with that kind of high gain mid prominent sound ? I've looked into MI audio crunchbox but it's a bit more scooped and smooth, i'd love the same thing but a bit more agressive.

This is gonna go either in a tech 21 blonde or leeds going direct, yes i play guitar going direct, guitar is not the main focus in my songs, but you get an occasional guitar solo thrown in there, hint to the 80's.


Silver Supporting Member
I just checked out this pedal. Wow, it sounds great. I'm a sucker for mid-heavy dirt pedals. But.........just don't know if I would spend that kinda money for that particular pedal.

If you want something similar, I bet the Visual Sound V2 Jekyll and Hyde would get you pretty close. You can find them for less than $100 used.

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