Tech 21 v Roland Blues

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by monza, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. monza

    monza Guest

    need help guys.

    I've whittled down to:
    Tech 21 trademark 60
    Roland Blues Cube 60

    Money is an object - otherwise i would buy a Pritchard
    $300 - $400

    i am trying to stay away from modelling - get as close to tube tone as a non tube can deliver.

    these two consistently get praise (not necessarily from the same people tho)
    and seem like they are mighty soulful for 'non lamps'.

    the TM is well loved - It doesnt quite get into deftones / Disturbed territory - but i figure it can do everything else all the way up to Monster Magnet / Soundgarden (i think ;))

    seems like a bunch of people are using it for a bunch of styles.

    The Blues Cube 60 tho - has some great features - the spec is great, and i have a sneaky feeling that it is equally as versatile and tonefull as the TM - BUT the only people i can find using them are pure blues or Jazz guys. So i cant get a meaningfull comparison...

    with the BC 60 spec i figure it can drive, Crunch and Gain every bit as well as the TM can - with as good a sound - but i cant find anyone to back that notion up - neither can i find any bloody sound clips online.

    if theres any Closet BC60 users - or anyone who has a 'friend' who has a BC60 problem - i would love to hear about it.

    musicians friend have a hell of a deal on BC 60's right now - which i am itching to take advantage of...

    Oh yeh - i am realy looking for that 'new' classic rock sound - like 3 Doors Down -- (sorry - i grew up in the 70's / 80's and its all coming back to me...)


    thx. Monza
  2. monza

    monza Guest

    why does no one ever reply ?

    am i that fking boring.

    okay so theres a 'blues' amp in my question - but thats the point - Roland called it Blues BUT does anyone else think it would make a great crunchy Rock amp...

    jesus i should have posted under the 'sweetfingerJazz' board.


  3. riverastoasters

    riverastoasters Member

    Mar 1, 2005
    Planet X
    I would go with the Tech 21. But the BC 60 is not insane.

    Did you eliminate Fender Deluxe 900? I was pretty surprised by that one. Maybe a used one is in your range?
  4. monza

    monza Guest

    not insane.

    not the best recommend.

    i am tempted on the TM 60.

    but for some godforsaken reason i cant shake that ******* BC60 - wish i could find someone who had squezzed one good and proper.
  5. HeeHaw

    HeeHaw Member

    Sep 11, 2004
    Most of us here play tube amps. I have tried the tech 21 and I think it is your best bet.

    Good luck, and I'm sorry not many folks replied.:)
  6. neastguy

    neastguy Member

    Apr 14, 2004
    I just wanted to reply....


    i had a tech21 didnt care for it....but so many do....
  7. retrospex

    retrospex Member

    Jul 1, 2004
    Cedar Rapids,Iowa
    The Roland Blues Cube 30 and 60 are great amps. I have a 30 that I bought new in '94. I love that amp.
  8. monza

    monza Guest

    BUT can u make it sound angry - even nasty ???
    In a Rock way - not brutal thrash way.

    monza :confused:
  9. Gaz

    Gaz Member

    Mar 5, 2005
    Southern CA
    Hey , aren't you using a pedal for thrashing?
  10. monza

    monza Guest

    ultimately YES.

    BUT I am looking for a well specced, good sounding amp - which i can then jack furher with a pedal.

    my visit to the numerous "shreddest pedal ever..." type boards terrifies me, i am going sort the amp first - then look for a pedal to mod the amp sound... seems to make sense.

    then mbe i'll start modding the telecaster...

    just for background i have a vint Gallien Krueger 250ML guitar combo - problem is its so fking esoteric (the gain trim pots are INSIDE) that i am just not good enuf with definig my sound yet to make it work for me. i need an easier rig right now.

    On PEDALS - sensible proposals to go from super chunky driven rock sound thru to the nu metal punch. BUT must have warmth - probly a tube pedal ?? I am also trying to figure whether the Tech21 Sans amp GT or Tri ac may be the ticket - - see i have succumbed to pedal nerdity. oh christ.

    monza.. :eek:

    oh yeh - i got an H&K Warp pedal - its just fuzz - no soul, no bite. dissapointing.
  11. cap'n'crunch

    cap'n'crunch Member

    Dec 27, 2004
    I have a tech 21 TM60. I use it for a quicky practice/excercise session or when an idea is stuck in my head and I can just flip the switch and play the idea. A lot of folks praise the hell out of these but, I just can't for the life of me see (hear) what all the fuss is about. The distortion (Ch. 2) is like a cheesy dirt box or something and does not resemble a tube amp. :eek:

    However, the clean channel (CH. 1) is pretty sweet and you can drive it up for a vintage tweed crunch but again, its very noisy for a SS amp. Maybe I just got a dud!

    Sorry, I haven't played a Cube60 but, I hope they do it better than Tech21.
  12. riverastoasters

    riverastoasters Member

    Mar 1, 2005
    Planet X
    Um you can make an old BC-30 sound kind of like an incensed insect. I think they might have changed them more recently with COSM or something.

    If you asked me what affordable solid state giggable amp to get I would tell you Fender Deluxe 900.

    Between the two you propose, I lean toward the Tech 21. I have an original PSA-1 and their 10 Watt thing. They are decent. We have an old Blues Cube 30 which is not grotesque for some sort of clean tone.

    Go play a Deluxe 900.
  13. PUCKBOY99

    PUCKBOY99 Silver Supporting Member

    May 1, 2004
    S. FLA
    I think capncrunch got a dud......the TM60 is a fantastic little amp with big sound & tone.

    It sounds like we play similar music, mainly classic 60s/70s rock & I also play some 3DD,Godsmack, AIC, Soundgarden...blues, country....very little jazz..........

    The TM60 can cover all bases well.

    The Ch2 settings aren't necessarily the high-light of the amp, but they are useable, esp. the Marshall patches

    Ch1 is where it's at on this amp. It does the Fender clean extremely well...which works as a great palette for pedals to get you those heavier distorted tones.

    I'm actually selling mine right now....I got bit by the tube bug & haven't been playing the TM60.

    It hasn't made it to Ebay yet, but maybe soon.

    PM me if you're interested in maybe trying it out.....if you're in the lower 48, I'll let you try it out for a week; if you're not happy with it, just send it back to me for a refund.....

  14. tac5

    tac5 Member

    Aug 5, 2004
    Way North of Dallas
    I may have got a "dud" as well. I love the clean channel on my TM 60, but it is the noisiest SS amp I've ever played through. I bought it with the intention of recording direct with it, but it has an inherent hiss that makes it unuseable. My enquiries to the manufacturer were professionally addressed but they stated that the noise was normal. At performance volumes this hiss is not an issue unless I find a need to mic the amp. Funny, I have a $200.00 Line 6 Spider II 30 watter that is totally quiet. It records beautifully through a direct line. I fallen in love again with the Fender Deluxe Reverb for live playing. So I'm back to tubes again.
  15. monza

    monza Guest

    bizarrely - i just got my eye on a SOVTEK MIG 50H head.

    If i can get it at the right price I may end up bypassing SS and jumping straight to valve with a THD powerplate.

    the problem tho is that, whilst i have spent tons of years in bands, i have only just recently switched to guitar.

    So being a musician I want (need!!!) the best kit - but i am only a bloody beginner for gods sake.

    A valve head, hotplate and cab is a tad extreme for a novice...
    oh bugger.

    SS combo with pushbutton sounds - or the real deal.

    lets see how the Sovtek pans out.

    If not its back to either the BC 60 or the TM60

    can of worms eh ?

    i wish i could afford a pritchard.


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