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Tech21 FlyRig5


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I played it. Sounds amazing. $229 msrp. It's a character pedal with excellent effects.


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Just answering the question, ya' know. I believe this particular product fits comfortably in either section of TGP. In fact, it's direct competitors are probably more in the digital realm.

I think this looks like a pretty slick device. I like just about everything from Tech21 I've tried, so I suspect I would like this if I needed such a thing.


Analog Kid

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This could be a great item to have if your amp/pedals took a dump on a gig. Plug this into a DI and finish the show. Also, a great little tool for practices where setting up amp and pedals is a pain. If it really is $230, I can't see a good reason NOT to buy it just to kick around with.


I played it. Sounds amazing. $229 msrp. It's a character pedal with excellent effects.
Someone told me it was $249 street, but then what do I know.
The guy from Tech 21 says $249. So it might be safe to assume it would
be that. And if it's actually less... then so much the better.

In the other thread people have expressed wishes, and caveats.
All of which are valid. But... you can't please everybody. Seems to me
like this offers a pretty compact rig that delivers all the essentials for me.

It's almost like having two flavors of Tech 21 Character Series pedals in
one box, but with a boost, and reverb, and a digital delay. Seems nice.

From the other thread:
The SansAmp part of the circuit is based on our Blonde pedal and the Plexi part is based on the Plexi pedal obviously. You can get distortion on the SansAmp by itself, it's not totally clean unless you want it to be.

When both the SansAmp and Plexi are engaged the preamp of the SansAmp is bypassed and the Plexi then goes through the speaker emulation. It's basically like channel switching. If the SansAmp is not engaged the Plexi just works like it normally does without the speaker sim.

The speaker emulation in our SansAmp products are designed to work with or without a guitar amp's speaker. I think the video speaks for itself.


I called Tech 21 today and the FlyRig5 won't be available till April 1st if all goes well. To bad, I would love to get one now, I have great hopes for this unit.


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I'm looking for this too, as my backup rig and living room thing. I could do 80% of what I really need if it sounds good thru a Vox style amp.


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This looks promising and so close, but I noted this:

ONE - 1/4-inch high-impedance input.
ONE - 1/4-inch low impedance output.

As far as driving an amplifier front end vs. going direct into the mixer, I don't see any way to alter (or deactivate) the sansamp cabinet modeling. Additionally, it would be very cool if it had two simultaneous outputs. One with modeling (possibly even XLR) and one without for going into the front end of an amp.


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