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I was wanting to know if none here uses a tech 21 PSA 1.1? If so how does it compare to let say a boss GT-100, line 6 stuff, or what digitech has to offer in its RP line when it comes to authenticity of sounds.


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I'm going to be about as useful to you as tots on a warthog, but I think you'll get plenty of support for T21s Character pedals for delivering the amp models they emulate. I use an RBI to get Ampeg SVT tones through a SS power amp into an Ampeg 4x10. I don't have experience with the PSA, but if it says it will reproduce the tones it probably will. A multifx is going to bring quite a bit more in terms of effects modeling. Perhaps someone will chime in with actual experience but Tech 21 makes good product. I've been eyeballing the PSA in the emporium for backup but fresh out of disposable coin.


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About 10 years ago, I switched from a Pod Pro as my preamp to a PSA.
The gain in dynamic response and transparency was incredible, like switching from VHS tapes to a Bluray player.

However, this was from a 1st gen Pod Pro... Modelers have made tremendous progress since then. I'd still take the Tech21 over anything Line 6 because I can't live without the transparency of analog, but to be fair the digital modelers are much better IMHO when run direct (the Tech21 stuff only simulate speakers via eq'ing, you don't feel the speaker or the air moving).

In a way, digital emulates real tubes better (and I still went back to tubes from the PSA eventually), but the Tech21 stuff feels more genuine (it's not quite tubes, but it feels more real).
It's as if you couldn't afford to visit the grand canyon: a modeller is like looking at a picture of the grand canyon, while Tech21 is like going to a local sight seeing spot instead. It's still not the real thing, but at least it's a real thing.

Disclaimer: I haven't tried a Kemper or an Axe-FX and I totally expect both to be much better than a PSA.


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No experience with the PSA, but I too have toyed with the idea of getting it. I do have a Tech 21 Blonde. I also own an 11R and have owned an hd500. The Blonde had the best feel of them all. But, I have yet to get a PSA for a few reasons: no headphone jack, no fx. I thought for a minute about using something like a TC G major for fx, but that doesn't solve the headphone issue either.

ultimately, I felt the 11R covered all my bases better than the PSA. To me, modelers should do many things that make them easier to use than tube amps. One big reason I like modelers is portability. I could not find a way to incorporate the PSA that gave me more portability than anything else. Every 2RU modeler on the market packs a ton more into the rack space than the PSA.

However, if I wanted to use my pedalboard with a modeler instead of a tube amp, I think the PSA would be a great solution. But, to me, it defeats the idea of a portable rig once you have a 2+ space rack, foot controller/fx pedals, poweramp/cab or active wedges.

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I used to run a PSA-1 way back in the day (90's); but it's been too many years to offer any insight. It was a very solid preamp even back then. I paired it with a Rocktron Intellifex and then a Replifex. I do remember enjoying that rig.


I still have my old PSA 1 but tbh I haven't plugged it in for about two years. It's a good sounding preamp but not in the same league as an Axe or Kemper. A gsp1101 would sound as good or better, be a lot more flexible and (of course) provide a good selection of fx. There is a certain something about the sound of the PSA though and, whilst it's not great for clean tones, its crunch and high gain are very good.

Not sure I'd buy one now but it might be worth running one in the loop of a gsp1101 or similar to give an additional palette of tones and to add fx to the PSA.

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My T21 Blonde with a Bogner Blue, Into the front, and a Carbon Copy on the other side going into a K10 out to FOH, sounded better and more amp like than I ever got out of my HD 500. I'm now a week I to a KPA, and it just about surpasses my amps in tone and feel.

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