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  1. imonabuss

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    Mar 28, 2007
    I have a beautiful sounding Tele which is made from mostly old Fender parts and some aftermarket stuff. Teles never interested me until this one, but I love the way it sounds. The problem is I can't get through four songs without breaking a string. The bridge setup is vintage string through body. The problem appears to be the height adjustment holes in the brass barrels. The strings are right on the edge of these and slip over into them, breaking on the sharp edge. How do you get the strings to stay in place, since there is no slot of any kind? Are there any barrel saddles that have some thing to avoid this?
  2. operanonverba

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    Jan 3, 2007
    If there is a sharp edge on the hole it most likely was made by an oversized head screwdriver that buggered it up as the screw was driving into the barrel body. Take the barrels off and get a file and touch them up back to smooth. You may be able to do it with them on. My strings never seem to match up to these holes though. You could also take a small file like one for filing nut slots and locate where you want the strings and carefully make an ever so slight small groove in the barrel that will hold the string in place. Some barrels over time form their own grooves. If this is too much trouble, yes they make all kinds of aftermarket barrels that have slots cut into them for strings if you want that. Cant help you with any brands but you could do a search for them pretty easy.
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    Another solution is to try some saddles from Callaham. He uses smaller adjustment screws, which means smaller holes that are located closer to the edge of the saddle, out of the string's path.

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