Tele neck pup in strat neck position

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  1. 57special

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    Jun 7, 2003
    I'm one of those deviants who not only prefers a good tele neck pup to a tele bridge, but also prefers the tele neck sound to a strat neck sound. I've got a 'roll your own" strat here, and i'm happy with all the pups except in the neck, and it occurred to me to stick in a tele pup in the neck( I have reason to believe it will sound very nice in this guitar). I somehow knew that it wouldn't be as easy as this , however, and sure enough, the holes for the screws to raise and lower the strat pups are spaced differently than on a tele. Seems i have two options;

    1- get a new pickguard , and get the neck routed for a tele pup, not a strat. Anybody know who does custom work like this?

    2- use the existing pickguard, and fasten the pup the same way one does on a tele, to the wood in the base of the route, though it will be more problematic than on a tele , as the wiring on a strat is attached to the pickguard, unlike a tele.

    Any thoughts on this process would be appreciated.
  2. patpark

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    Jun 17, 2006
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    I think the sound of a tele neck pickup has to do with it being screwed into the wood - not hanging from a pickguard. if you want to retain most of the tele vibe you should consider screwing it into the body and havinga custom made pickguard cut with the tele neck p.u. route, no mounting holes.
  3. John Phillips

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    Mar 17, 2002
    I don't agree. The pickup senses body vibration relative to the strings just as much as string vibration relative to the body, because it's attached to the body (of course, the body vibration is smaller, but nonetheless both movements do take place). Mounting the pickup on a plastic pickguard interferes with this to some extent.

    I've tried it both ways with the same guitar and pickup BTW, and it absolutely does make an audible difference IMO. Mounted direct to the body is punchier; on the guard is glassier and a little more 'Strat-like'.

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