Tele Pickup In A Strat?


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I had a tele bridge pickup in a Fender Am Std Strat I had a few years ago. Got the bridge tone closer to the spank of a tele but was still diffrent. For me it made the bridge more usable than having a strat pup in there.


It's a good sound and probably a bit beefier than a stck Strat bridge pickup. It still won't sound as ballsy as the Tele.

Dana Olsen

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I agre with Cochese. It helps a Strat sound more Tele like in the bridge, but it also sounds less Strat like in the split position.

So far, I haven't yet heard a Strat that sounded like a Tele, or vice versa, with any combination of pickups or body styles. The closest I've heard is a "Nashville Tele" - a regular Tele with an added strat middle pickup, and sometimes a Strat neck pickup too. It looks fine.

For a Tele sound, the ashtrya bridge has a lot to do with it - same for the Strat sound, the smaller bridge (Hardtail) or vibrato bridge has a lot to do with it's tone. For that reason, it's really hard to get (the best of) both Strat and Tele tones in one guitar, IMHO.


Something easier and cheaper is to install a base plate to the pickup. Check out Callaham or Lindy Fralin. Boosts the mids. I think tele pickups come with a base plate which is part of their sound. I like mine.

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