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Tele pickups with p90 flair


Silver Supporting Member
Suggestions on a good set of tele pickups that sound fat like p90-ish? Noiseless to boot?

EDIT: So based on the responses, and to clarify, I mean something fat sounding like a P90 not exactly a P90. Sort of like the tone Brad Paisley gets has that fatness to it.
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I've tried a few, but (while they did sound good) have yet to be able to get true P90 tones. I've used SK T90, HD S90 and a Rio Dirty Harry. There are a lot of winders offering these. If I was to go that route again, I'd opt for Manlius, Porter or TV Jones.

As a side note, I had a first run Dimarzio Virtual Vintage (now the Area) Hot T bridge pickup for a fe years in my tele. Rolling the tone control back 1/4 to 1/3 and taking the volume control down a notch or two, gave me the best P90 tones. I have not tried the Area's, so can't say how that compares, but very impressed with the VV Hot T.

Right now I have a custom wound bridge pickup with A8 mags wound to around 12K. It sounds nothing like a P90!


Guess I don’t fully get the question: you mean P90-ish but fit in standard Tele routs? And also hum canceling?

You’re getting pretty far from what a P90 is at that point. In general if I’m trying to ape a specific sound I try to get as close as possible in as many ways as possible, only making a change in one or two places at most from regular specs (i.e., a humbucker-sized P90 that’s basically just a cut down P90 that’s otherwise constructed the same like the BG Pure 90). By the time you’re talking fits a Tele rout, has pole piece magnets, and is stacked...you’re getting pretty far from a P90.

That said, the Cavalier Humongous Lion is quite P90 sounding in the bridge, but not exactly (no bar magnets) and it’s not hum cancelling.


Wrangler, twangler, participle dangler
Gold Supporting Member
Texas Special Telecaster very mid forward and very high output



Measure and swap volume pot for a lower kohm measured version. Put a fixed resistor across the volume pot outer lugs to knock it down. If you have 250k volume then use a 250k fixed and you'll have a 125kohm effective volume pot.

MIM Standard bridge pickup with dual ceramic magnets and 10.5kohm windings. May have been used in the Baja model.

Steel baseplate under your current Tele bridge pickup (at least 1/8th inch thick) -- this will reflect all the magnetic flux that normally charges your belt buckle and points it back at the strings for more output.

Pick your strings more toward the neck, not over top of the pickup nor near the saddles.

I’d appreciate p 90’s more if they had more tele flair. Anyone make those ?
P90s have this little row of screw poles. They can be adjusted! Lower the pickup and raise the screw poles. Might even try a 'mid scoop' pattern to EQ the poles that way. I generally raise bridge pickup screw poles but leave them level to each other and use the natural fretboard radius effect on the string heights to give a touch of mid scoop. You can also tip the P90 pickup higher on the treble side to give more bite and of course pick between the P90 and the saddles for that Tele Twang! ;)


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