Tele project with P-Rail + Tele pickup: Ideas?

I will comission a local luthier who builds spectacular guitars to build me a Tele with a Seymour Duncan P-Rails in the bridge.

Any ideas about :

1) Neck pup? I was thinking a regular Tele pickup, something that would give me more of a classic Tele sound. Any favorite makers? Fralin, Suhr, Lollar?

2) I was thinking a 4-way switch to handle the P-rails positions - I am not sure I want out-of-phase sounds. Any thoughts?

3) Any other suggestions in the electronics department?

All help is much appreciated, even though I have always been curious about Teles, I don't know much about them. I wanted to marry that curiosity with the tonal flexibility of the P-Rails


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I'd do the whole "pair of P-Rails" thing if it was me. that would be a sweet guitar. I'm thinking about putting them in one of mine.

Mark C

I did one with a pair of P-Rails and a strat pickup in the middle. Just do it - it's a fun guitar!
I'm doin' a Tele with a Seth Lover in the neck & a P-Rail in the bridge with a superswitch.
The 5 sounds are:
1 Seth
2 Seth & P90
3 Seth & Parallel 'bucker
4 P90
5 Parallel 'bucker.


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