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Tele/strat hybrids


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GaryMcT said:
I've been curious what the Suhr TS sounds like compared to an S. Anyone done the Pepsi challenge? I've become a tele addict lately with my new Anderson Hollow T!
Well, I was at indoor storm and played a Tyler ssh ......already have a sss and love Tylers....I played a Suhr S with ssh and it too sounded great, but when I plugged into the Suhr TS with two humbuckers the thing just sounded freakin huge!!!

Eric Pykala

Hey muddy, that Musicman Albert Lee Limited is mine, and it's one of the most interesting guitars I've ever played. Strat one moment, Strat on steroids the next, and does a rippin' Tele on the bridge pickup. Also got a scratchbuilt Tele in the spraybooth right now with Suhr Tele pickups and a V60LP Strat in the middle (heresy to the purists, but it'll rock). Strats and Teles were made to be hot-rodded!-Eric


I've just started working on the neck for this one (the one in the picture is from my Warmoth LP-cloner), which btw is going to be my first attempt at building a neck from scratch. Warmoth made me the custom body with Tele bridge and pu routing, no jack route and no forearm contour. The trans blue on ash finish was inspired by a painfully beautiful Vinetto I saw here in another thread:


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