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Tele Style w/ P90(s)


Creston Lee is literally "the guy" who popularized the P90 loaded Telecaster among the alt-country players. It's kind of his signature build (T-style with Lollar P90's and a top-loading 3 saddle bridge). Super easy guy to deal with who has a long time reputation as a stand up guy. His custom orders on T-style builds run $2500-3000 depending on the options.


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Please check out my baby here:


Chuck Thornton right now is building the best Tele style guitars I’ve ever played. I have 3 of them with different pickup configurations and they are all astounding. They all weigh between 6.0-6.5 lbs and they are the longest sustaining, most resonance, most comfortable, best feeling, most beautiful and best sounding T style guitars I’ve ever owned or played. This one has a T-shaped P90 in the bridge, and HB sized P90 in the neck (but Chuck will build with whatever pickups you want). This guitar sounds as good as any guitar I’ve played with P90s, and I love that I’m able to keep the T style bridge and look.

In any event, and even if you don’t go with a CP Thornton, I and any of us other TGPers who own one of them can’t recommend enough the Harmonic Design pickups that are in his guitars. Whether it’s the T shaped pickup or the HB sized “Z-90”, they sound like a million bucks. If you want other options besides the Soap Bar look, keep those pickups in mind.

YES! C.P. Thornton! C.P. Thornton tele, surf green, "hot rod" paint job (and, yes, matching headstock) with HD Z-90s ... if I had to downsize to one guitar, this one might be it:



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I went the build your own route for mine and completed it recently. Ash Guitar Mill body and fat flamed Musikraft neck, 7.5 to 9.5 radius, SS frets. Old school hard and thin nitro finish.

Front pickup is a Fralin Alnico Rod P90,and the bridge pickup is the Fralin Sunbucker, described at 75% single coil and 25% humbucker . Sounds much like a beefy single coil to me.


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