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I've got a 1992 Tele plus neck sitting around not being used and I want to build a partscaster using a telecaster style body and the neck I have.

How do I know which telecaster bodies will match with this neck? It is a Fender American Neck from '92.

I see so many bodies on reverb but don't know what would work.


Pretty much any tele body will work as long as the neck pocket is the right width- usually 2 3/16" -just measure the one you have to make sure. I have yet to see a 'standard' tele with a scale length other than 25 1/2" (baritones being an exception) but that would be the only other thing I'd check. Finally, If the body is described to be a Fender replacement you should be good.


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Truth be told, you can probably use that neck on just about any aftermarket Tele body. Whether it fits perfectly snug is a different story! But as sonofiam said, Fender brand will work, as will the licensed Fender brands - Warmoth, AllParts, Mighty Mite. Don't overlook MJT for lightweight nitro awesomeness.

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