Telecaster Switch Tip Keeps Flying Off!

Does anyone have any tricks to keep the switch top on the switch? Every time I go to flick it to the bridge PUP it has a 1 in 3 chance of flying off (statistic made up but it's pretty close). Something non-permanent preferably.


my 52RI Tele had this problem, all I did was buy a replacement and it fit better. You could probably try glue too but I would try a replacement first they are cheap.


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I started using a Strat tip. I don't know why it doesn't fly off, but it doesn't.


I found that a piece of scotch tape around the lever will do the trick.......
Yup thats what i do....except I had to go over the top of the switch because going around it didn't work for me... When I would put the tip on, it would justpush down the tape... if that makes sense.
You guys haven't figured out the old nail polish trick yet?A drop'll do and you can redo it if it needs to come off,just ask your sister...


wrap a little piece of tin foil around the blade of he switch and then press the tip back on over it.


I've noticed that the switch tip on at least some Tele's seems to prevent the switch from throwing the full way. If you really forcefully switch back and forth, the tip eventually seems to lever it's way off.

a smaler tip or longer switch arm would fix this it would seem, but it seems to be inherent in the design


Mine did that from new 4 years ago. To fix the problem, I put some strands of cotton wool over the switch arm. Tip has not come off since.

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