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Tell me about Demeter (anyone here own one?)


I checked out their website after seeing Sonny Landreth live. I honestly think he's got the sweetest tone, to my ears.

I've got a Marshall JCM800 which I run fairly clean (pre on 4 or so), but could do with a bit more sweet vs. ice pick, and I'd probably get a combo, as the half stack is getting tired (I've been looking and looking for another amp, but haven't found one to replace this yet).

Any input on Demeter amps would be appreciated. I don't think any stores carry the amps, otherwise, I'd go and test em out myself. I also wonder if the combos are at all boxy sounding...


Put your Rock Face on!
Back in the '80's I had a '71 Super Lead that was modified by Paul Rivera and had cascading gain controls. Sounded like crap. I brought it to Jim and he pulled all that junk out and put in a standard master vol and it sounded amazing.

I sure do miss that amp.


Silver Supporting Member
I've been through a TGA/Inverter and a TGA III. They're good amps. Bassman, modded Marshall tones are in there.


Gold Supporting Member
Great amps, period. I have a TGP-3 and TGA-Slave power amp. The TGA-3 series is discontinued, but they are available. I think there's one available on eBay and/or the Forum recently. James Demeter creates great products by merging vintage tones and innovative high end audio designs and construction.
Sonny Landreth, Michael Ward, John Hiatt, Bonnie Raitt, Dean DeLeo show the versatility of the TGA-3 series great cleans, overdriven, and higher gain sounds.


Silver Supporting Member
paging wallace, he's got two or had two. he let me borrow one for a week one time. very high quality amp. poorman's dumble? tho not even remotely designed like one.


Senior Member
I had the TGA-3 with the toroidial transfer, and the Preamp at different times. They do sound very good, and Bassman/Marshall tones are what they excel at. I got my Landgraffs and sold all my other stuff, except my Rack stuff for larger venues. They have good build quality, unbelievable is a serious stretch.

Eric Dahlberg

Jim Demeter was very cool about updating my Demeter mic pre (which I'd bought used) to current spec. From my experiences playing his guitar amps at the NAMM shows, I'd describe them as sweet, deep, and very clean.

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