Tell me about double OD/dist/boost pedals (KoT, Double Barrel, Sweet Tea, etc.)


After reading some positive posts and checking out some YouTube clips, I recently picked up a Rockett Allan Holdsworth OD/Boost pedal. I like some things about it/not sure yet about others, blah blah blah, but it's made me curious about other dual pedals, like the KoT, the JHS Double Barrel and Sweet Tea.

Anyone want to share some thoughts about the above double pedals? I guess the main ones I'm interested in are the KoT and the Double Barrel. I've seen the JHS YouTube clip that directly compares them, and they seem (in the clip) to cover some similar tonal areas, and also some different areas. I'm already stacking a few pedals, primarily a klone > Zendrive 2, which I really like, and now my appetite for this sort of tone has been whetted. Point me to the double pedals that are worth checking out or avoiding.

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