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Tell me about Jazzmaster trems

The Tone Snob

I'd like to know how they compare in range, stability, and feel to Strat type trems and Bigsby types. I want a trem that will let me do J Mascis-like wiggles and wobbles (like in the song Start Choppin), and i'd like some options other than a Jazzmaster if possible. I don't have much experience using trems, and i know the best thing is to go and try them out, but i'd like some feedback from fellow guitarists also. What do you recommend? :confused:


Jazz/Jag trems have the nicest 'natural' feel to them if you ask me. They feel really good and if you set it up so it floats you can get some amazing effects from them that maybe on a Strat would sound a little more mechanical as it'd be less fun to do.
However, I've been through 3 whole trem units on my Jag as the construction means that if you give it a bit of 'welly' too often the nut that holds the trem base in place just splits and widens and so you end up with the trem arm just dropping out of the socket all the time.


In my opinion the feel of a Jazzmaster bridge is more spongy, and not as sensitive as a Stratocaster trem. You can get the same effect obviously, but the feel is different. I like the Jazzmaster tremolo a little better for getting a My Bloody Valentine or J Mascis type of feel. I would definitely recommend trying one out to see if you like it. Some people really do not like that trem at all. Does that answer your question? If you're wondering about anything else regarding the Jazzmaster let us know.

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