Tell me about Strandberg?


I have a overseas Strandberg Prog 6 and have owned and played several headless guitars over the years. In my opinion, it is the best designed of any headless I have tried probably because with the exception of Steinberger it was designed from the ground up as a headless rather than essentially chopping off the headstock of a regular guitar. It is very light, well balanced, plays very well and with the Suhr PUPs in mine is a remarkably versatile instrument. I have the Endur neck on mine while it doesn't really help me play any better I adapted to it easily. But then I am very insensitive to neck shapes and YMMV.

Mine is nicely put together with no QC issues. Yes, you can probably get a nicer flame top on a less expensive guitar. My main critique is that I don't really like the aluminum fine tuners on the bridge. They work fine but I worry about damaging them. This is a bit of an unfair knock because they are one reason the guitar is so light and well balanced.
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