Tell me about the Boss CP-1X Compressor


My deep six just broke and I was looking at one of these too, as a cheaper option until I can afford a Cali76. I guess no one has tried them yet though


I just had one arrive before a gig last night and used it. Didnt have time to mess around with the knobs to find the right setting so just set everything at noon and hoped for the best.
I have owned a lot of compressor pedals and thought the world of the philosophers tone.
The CP1X is hands down the best compressor pedal ive ever used. Absolutely amazing.
I will report back after some tweaking.
But if your thinking of buying this pedal. Do it! :)


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I spoke to this pedal a few weeks ago after I received mine, and have been absolutely thrilled with it since. I think it is the best compressor available in its price range, and it is every bit as good as any compressors I've regularly used that are quite a bit more expensive. You can look up the other thread if you want a better breakdown, but here are the highlights. Pros: Extremely low noise floor, wide range of compression from just a touch to chickin pickin squish, excellent multiband clarity and definition, and simple operation. Cons: The actual multi-band control is software driven, tied to Compression, Attack, and Ratio controls, and cannot be adjusted.

Bottom line: It is absolutely one of the best pedal compressors available today and I wouldn't hesitate to try it.

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