Tell me about the Budda SD 18 head


I just ordered one and have never played one:NUTS Just listened to clips !

I will be using a matching Budda cab and a Fender Fat Strat. I have had numerous high gain heads and just recently decided to go in a different direction (blues/classic rock).

What level of gain will I get straight in ? Does it take overdrives well ? How is the loop and master volume ?


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I predict that within 1 hour of playing it, you will post how awesome it is. Mainly because I've never heard one sound bad, evar!


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I have a Superdrive 18 1x12 combo. I generally play straight in, but it responds well to being pushed with a Fulldrive II. Responds well to both single coils and humbuckers. More gain with the buckers.

Plenty of gain on tap for classic rock in the drive channel. More than you will need. Straight in to the rhythm channel and cranked up with a strat will yield great blues tones.

I never use the loop, so I can't comment on that.

I love the Master Volume on Budda amps. Budda has one of the best MV designs out there IMO.

Hope you enjoy the amp. It's always a risk buying without trying first.


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I also have a SD-18 combo.....AMAzING amp...great clean to Keith ranchy clean channel, and a superb overdrive channel....Great FX Loop...the combo is light as well....I use a Digiverb and a Boss GE-&7 EQ in the loop...I bump the bottom frequencies up just a hair....amazing tones...Sounds great with any guitar


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Never tried a SD18 but I did own a SD30 combo for awhile. Wish I had never gotten rid of it. I bought it as a combo and later bought a headshell for it. I gotta tell you, I preferred it as a 1x12 combo with the stock Phat 12 speaker.
I had a Wolfgang at the time. That guitar/amp combo is the only one I've personally played through that would do the roll the guitar's volume back for clean trick. Other amps I've had would clean up by rolling back th volume knob, but the clean was always at such a lower volume than the OD sound. With that particular guitar I could roll the volume knob back on the guitar and the amp would clean up while remaining at a very usable volume.
I think the Wolfgang pickups probably had a lot to do with it. Those pickups are very hot yet clean up so well.
They seem to go for around a grand used. I thought the Budda's OD channel was worth that by itself.

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