Tell me about the Burris amp.

Your question is pretty broad and I really can't answer it. I don't own one but I've looked at them and have thought about buying one. The Burriss web site has a pretty cool presentation for the amp, showing 9 different ways that the Royal Bluesman can be used. If you haven't looked that over I recommend that.



I've got one and I really love it. It's pretty easy to use, not a lot of knob twisting trying to find the "sweet spot". It has a built in tremolo and reverb. I don't use the tremolo much and I seldom use the reverb so it's just a volume,master volume and tone knob that I'm working. I run it through a THD hotplate and leave the amp wide open. Running it like this I get a nice overdrive and I can clean it up as needed by working the volume on my guitar (generally an ASAT Classic). It's definitely not a high gain amp and if I need more gain I like the results I get from my RAT.

Most of the clips you might find on the web are clean and this amp has excellent clean tone, I just prefer a little grit I suppose.

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