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Tell me about the Suhr V60LP's please...


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I just bought a used G&L Legacy loaded with these pups and I'm digging the reviews I have read on the net for the Suhr pups. I really like the G&L Legacys, I actually dig the pups but from what I recall they were always a little bright (not necessarily brittle) and kind of super clean / hi-fi sounding.
From what I have read (and talked about with the seller) these Suhr's are great strat pups with a lot of thump, but also retain (and even enhance) the bell like clarity and chime but keeping warm the entire time... yummy.
Anyone have any opinions?
I think these will be great clean, but how do they hold up with edge of breakup into higher gain (mesa lead tones, harder SLO type rhythm's - nothing super high gain)? Do they keep the string seperation with more gain?
Is there something called the Suhr backplate? What exactly is this and could it be retrofitted into something like a G&L? It's hum canceling, right?


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I had a set in a light weight ash legacy in two tone SB. Great guitar, great pickups. They have this greasy quality I just love.


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a set of v-60 lp's in a frankenstrat is what convinced me to buy a suhr pro. fantastic pups. and the pro series is the best deal going on a strat. especially used. can't be beat.


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I had a set in a light weight ash legacy in two tone SB. Great guitar, great pickups. They have this greasy quality I just love.

This sums it up pretty well. I have owned a couple of Pro Series models with the V60LPs, and while this model does not get the same press since the FLs were introduced, the V60LPs are beautiful, articulate, and chiming, bell-like pick-ups that maintain definition and still sound great with additional gain applied.

As far as the BPSSC is concerned, while I do not know if it can be added to a specific guitar, it is indeed a system designed to minimize the 60-cycle hum endemic to single coil pick-ups. One of the Pro Series guitars I owned had this feature, and it worked very well. It removed the majority of the hum, while not negatively impacting the tone of the pick-ups.


I put a set in my 62 RI because the 57/62's were so noisy. To me they still retain the sound I like of the 57/62's but the V60lps have a reverse wound middle pick up so switching to 2 and 4 cuts the noise. An added bonus is they have no ice pick high end and are pretty warm with just the right amount of brightness. I usually set the bass on 3 ond treble on 6 using a Princeton reverb with volume on 3 to 6 depending on how loud I need to be.


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I've got a Suhr Pro S1 and love the V60LP's, they definately retain articulation and clarity as you crank up the volume.

I run them through a Marshall 1974X using an OCD or a Crunchbox for higher gain and like the way they hold to together without losing their clarity.

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