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Tell me how you use your boost pedal (warning...long content!)


Hi, I'm new to this forum but I'm a long time player and engineer/gear junkie. I've just gotten into boost pedals, and I need your advise. Do you like to leave them on a lot for a tone or drive difference, or do you use them for a solo boost? Plus, I'm curious as to the order in the effects chain that is common. I've tried mine (The BoR has a boost built in, rumor has it that it's the same as the SHO and I just bought a Zoom PD-1 that I've heard so much good about) in front of other drive boxes and they don't seem to like it. Things seem to get pretty noisy pretty fast, and the volume is set by the pedal that is being driven. It seems to me like it should go just before modulation and delay in the signal chain...Lots of variables to play with, and I'm in need of some good direction!
What works best for you?
Thanks, and I want to say that this board is hands down the best that I've found after spending a lot of time on others. You guys (and gals!) know your stuff and I appreciate that!


and the volume is set by the pedal that is being driven.

4 of the 5 effect pedals on my board are boost/OD/fuzz pedals.

The secret is to put a volume pedal AFTER all these boost type effects, That solves the volume problem you mention. It also allows to adjust the pedal's effect live by how you balance the mix of volume from your guitar with the volume pedal.


I had it both ways. Before the OD pedals and after the OD pedals. When placed before the OD pedals, it increases the volume as well as the gain/drive, and when placed after the OD pedals, mostly the volume. I currently have one before the OD pedals.


I put one at the very end of the chain to boost everything else going on. Also use with say a light od for some new territory or with just the amp on the verge of clipping.

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